About Us

Before industrialization, even the simplest items, such as household items or clothing, were made by hand. Influenced by their culture and natural conditions, artisans developed various techniques and skills for producing handmade goods.

Today there are still some communities that have preserved their artistic knowledge and techniques as a kind of tradition and pass them on to the next, younger generation. Unfortunately, industrialization and mass production of goods at cheap prices have put small artisans in a difficult position. Goods and goods are often produced quickly, with poor quality and at a low price.
During our visits to various communities and villages in Latin America, we discovered that (arts) craftsmen can compete on the global market with the right infrastructure. Because compared to conventional production, they produce unique and high-quality products.


Our mission is to create a sustainable environment where Latin American artisans can sell their original and lovingly made products. This is the only way their culture and craft knowledge can be preserved.


We are Braulio and Marie and founded Glueck & Fund in 2022. Together with our partners in Peru and Mexico, we pursue our mission every day.

Our goals