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A bridge between Latin American artisans and Europe

About Us

Before the industrial era took over, even the most simple ornaments like house supplies or clothes were handcrafted. Artisans, under the influence of their environment, developed various techniques and skills for the production of handmade goods.
Today, after many years, there are communities that have preserved their artistic knowledge and techniques as a kind of tradition, passing them on to the next, younger generation. Unfortunately, the mass production of goods has put the small artisans in a difficult position. Goods and wares are often made quickly, in inferior quality, for a cheap price.

During our visits to different communities, communes and villages, we have noticed that (art)craftsmen with the right infrastructure can compete in big markets as they produce unique high quality goods. Therefore, our mission is to develop a sustainable environment where artisans from all over the world can sell their goods, thus preserving their culture and craft knowledge.
Glueck and Fund is a young organization that strives to promote and position handmade goods in competitive markets, without losing what is special about each product, such as home textiles or decorative items. Our products are either placed in our online shop or at our partners stores in Europe.

Our partners

Sustainanble fair trade hadicraft

NGO Amazon Community Ecology

A non-profit organization that works for the well-being of the ecosystem of the Amazon by helping the local people creating sustainable livelihoods and strengthen their communities.

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Art oil paint handmade

Art organization Metamorphosis

Formed by more than 40 artists of all generations, the art organization Metamorphosis is an interdisciplinary group of Peruvian artists that seeks to disseminate and promote art in all forms of expression.

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Handmade gourd decoration

Cochas artisans community

The workshop of the Hurtado family, along with other artisans, preserves a 500-year-old tradition. They produce handmade objects of gourd, carving small pictures into or creating figures of it. At the same time, the community is strengthened by creating jobs and thus a livelihood for the people who live there.

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Exotic wood kitchen supplies

Carved Gourd

Handmade wood mirror

Wool sheep knitting and weaving

Stories behind the creations

Handicrafts inspired by the Amazon

The chambira is large palm that grows in the Amazon Rainforest. Natives use the fibers of young leaves to weave into products.  The Boras and Birllo Nuevo are some of the many native communities  that have found a source of income in the production of chambira handicraft.

Their creations are original designs that represent their culture and their lifestyle. They dyed the leaves with natural pigments and add different tree seeds as decoration.

All the ingredients used, are recollected by the locals from the Amazon. Making their creations 100% plant based and handmade. see product

A folklore tradition captured in oil

In Peru the month of february has special meaning, the start of the rainy season and with it the fertilization of the earth. Communities from around the country gather together to show their tribute with a celebration called the Yunza.

The Yunza is similar to harvest Thanksgiving celebrated at the beginning of the season istead of the end. The event has a tree as the main element, which is decorated with colorful ornaments and presents. Through a dance around the tree, participants look to cut the tree using an ax. Once the tree falls, they try to gather as many gifts as possible from the tree.

Walter Anicama is an peruvian artist that has captured differentes passages of this celebration in his paintings. His last composition is an expressionist piece that shows his emotional and distorted perception of the main actors and scenes of the Yunza.see product

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